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November 2019


  • We are partnering with to develop use cases in Smart Supply Chains. is a Cambridge based AI and blockchain company that is building an innovative platform for connecting IoT devices and algorithms to enable collective learning. MAG’s research in multi-agent-based supply chains are a perfect match to’s vision of democratic, decentralised data and AI. Stay tuned to find out more!


  • Dr. Luiz Fernando Bittencourt, from  the University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil, gave a seminar on “Cloud Computing, Fog Computing, and Internet of Things: Data Processing for Smart Environments in the Era of Industry 4.0” - resulting in exciting discussions around how trade-offs between the computational cost of communication, memory and speed can be addressed via distributed computational layers and how these new architectures may help enable smart manufacturing and supply chains. 


  • Dr. Griffith Rees from the Sheffield Quantitative Methods Institute gave a seminar on modelling the effect of spatial contagion on the adoption of the pre-internet FidoNet network. FidoNet began in 1983 and peaked in 1995 with users across six continents and up to 5 million users in the US alone. It persists to this day but declined by an estimated three orders of magnitude. The seminar generated discussions around contagion models, and how learnings from FidoNet can be relevant to today’s social networking websites.


  • Farewell to Jose Luna Andrade - who has been with MAG as a visiting researcher in the past six months. Jose has been working on developing an analytical approach for the evolution of countries exports and how competitive advantage can be benchmarked. MAG wishes all the best to Jose! 


  • Thiago, Hang and Alexandra visited Rolls Royce for our DOTES project - as part of DOTES, we are in the process of creating prediction models for remaining useful life estimation which is in turn used for optimising the spare parts supply chain. Find out more about the project here.


  • Liming demonstrated the first version of our Autonomous Supply Chain platform at the Advanced Engineering Show in Birmingham. At the same show, Alexandra gave a talk on how IoT based Data Analytics can be used to create value in Supply chains and Manufacturing.





October 2019


  • Dr. Siddharth Arora from University of Oxford, gave a seminar on “From personalised medicine to decision-making for emergency care: Role of smart devices and analytics” giving interesting insights into how data-driven techniques can be used in predicting patient waiting times in emergency departments, which in turn can help improve overall patient satisfaction, and staff and resource allocation.


  • Dr. Houyuan Jiang, from Judge Business School, gave a seminar on “Reconfiguration of Accident-and-Emergency Facilities in England”. His talk focussed on the use of queuing models for analysing cost and service implications of specialist and generalist facilities in hospital emergency departments.



  • Xiang presented his work on “Multi-Agent System for Machine Learning Under Uncertainty in Cyber-Physical Manufacturing System” at the SOHOMA’19 International Workshop on Service-oriented, Holonic and Multi-Agent Manufacturing Systems for Industry of the Future. The theme of SOHOMA’19 Workshop is “Smart anything everywhere – The vertical and horizontal manufacturing integration”. 

  • Alexandra joined Camb.AI’s panel discussion on “Blurred Lines: The impact of AI in Business and Academia.” The discussions focussed on the role of regulation in ensuring transparency and ethical AI, and the challenges of integrating business-oriented and academic work in AI. 



  • Many congratulations to Dr Liming Xu for passing his PhD defence at the University of Nottingham!  


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