Helpful resources for the Internet of Things

The IfM has a number of resources to help manufacturers take advantage of the potential IoT has to offer.

Online brochure: Connecting manufacturing to the Internet of Things


This online brochure showcases a number of projects led by researchers based at the IfM that are working to help the manufacturing industry connect with IoT. Thanks to funding from Pitch-In, and through collaboration with industry, these projects have sought to help a range of manufacturing companies overcome the barriers to IoT adoption, offering practical and applicable routes for manufacturers of all sizes.  


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Video: What is IoT in manufacturing? 


Case studies

These case studies demonstrate in more detail how research is encouraging the adoption of IoT in manufacturing.


Course: The Internet of Things – An introduction to IoT strategy and technology 

This course provides an introduction to the strategy and adoption of Internet of Things technology. Participants are taken on a journey from how sensors work to how the use of the data generated could transform their organisational ecosystem. The course is designed for management- and executive-level employees in organisations from all sectors. Participants are not required to have any education in engineering or computer science, nor a technical background. 


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Connecting supply chains with an IoT data integration platform

Supply chains can become vulnerable to disruption, and without access to real-time, traceable information, it can be difficult to plan for or respond to problems. This video shows how the Internet of Things (IoT) provides the opportunity for supply chains to become more connected, and for partners in the supply chain to improve their planning and performance.




Transforming manufacturing with autonomous supply chains

A short animation explaining how artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things uses agent-based systems to make supply chains more efficient and smart. Thanks to this new technology, supply chain inefficiencies can now be alleviated with tools for better information sharing and improved decision making.



Automating licensing payments with smart contracts for the Internet of Things (IoT)

This video explains how the Internet of Things (IoT) enables smart contracts to digitally record and validate transactions for accountable, enforceable, transparent and trusted licensing agreements.


How to create a digitalisation strategy that works 

This report provides a digital transformation strategy blueprint for manufacturers. It demonstrates what a successful IoT digitalisation strategy looks like and the secrets of successful digital strategy formulation. 


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Webinar: Successful innovation in manufacturing using the Internet of Things

Pitch-In manufacturing theme review, May 2021



Distributed Information and Automation Laboratory (DIAL)

The Distributed Information and Automation Laboratory (DIAL) based at the Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge, helps companies develop distributed automated solutions for manufacturing and logistics. There are a range of tools available designed to help companies overcome some key operational challenges.

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Digital Manufacturing on a Shoestring 

Digital Manufacturing on a Shoestring offers an alternative approach that shows how it is possible for small-to-medium sized companies with small budgets to capitalise on advances in technology and implement low-risk digital solutions. Visit the website to see how your company can get involved.

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