Dr Ettore Settanni

Senior Research Associate


Ettore is a Research Associate at the Centre for International Manufacturing (CIM), where he focuses on industrial systems and network analysis across a range of industrial applications, and with an inter-disciplinary outlook.


Before joining the IfM he was part of the research project Costing for Avionic Through-Life Availability (CATA) led by the University of Bath and involving key actors in the UK defence industry. This experience was followed by a brief but engaging collaboration with the water utility sector to explore potential cross-industry applications of his research.


He holds a master’s degree in environmental economics and management from Bocconi University (Milan, Italy), and a research doctorate in commodity science from the University of Bari (Bari, Italy) where he has also worked as a post-doctoral researcher, and then as an adjunct professor.


Academic/Research interests

The common aspect across Ettore’s research to date is the exploration and evaluation of multifaceted operational performance (e.g., techno-economic and environmental) of operations systems with an emphasis is on ensuring methodological rigour by developing algorithmic/computational interfaces between otherwise disconnected, and potentially inconsistent approaches. Topics he has investigated so far include Product-Service-Systems (PSS) modelling, Environmental Management Accounting (EMA), Life Cycle Costing (LCC), Input-Output Analysis (IOA), Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), field reliability data analysis, and survey research. Applications of his research range from ‘classic’ manufacturing systems implemented within SMEs (e.g., chemicals, renewable energy, food) to innovative through-life service solutions offered by large, multi-organisational networks (defence aerospace).


His broader research interests include:

  • Analytical approaches to sustainability assessment
  • Costing and cost engineering
  • Systems theory and system modelling
  • Servitisation and Product-Service-Systems
  • Data analytics and visualisation (qualitative and quantitative)


For an updated list of my publication, please visit my profile on ResearchGate.



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