Manufacturing location decisions: Choosing the right location for international manufacturing facilities

Making the right decisions about the location of manufacturing facilities is vital in order to compete in global markets. Those who make the best choices can gain a major source of competitive advantage. This workbook offers a systematic process to help managers with such decisions as: the selection of new sites, the relocation of existing ones, choosing which sites to upgrade and which to close down.


Benefits of using a systematic process

The workbook's systematic approach offers managers:

  • a facilitated decision making process
  • the reassurance that important factors are not overlooked
  • a transparent decision-making process, encouraging communication between project teams
  • a learning tool for inexperienced managers
  • reduced demands on senior management time
  • improved project management

The workbook is divided into three main sections:

  • the strategic considerations that underpin international manufacturing location decisions
  • the approach and tools needed to tackle these issues
  • worksheets which take users through the decision-making process

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ISBN 978-1-902546-05-6