Fitness for transfer: Assessing manufacturing technologies for relocation

This workbook deals with one of the most problematic stages in the area of international manufacturing transfer, namely evaluating the ease or difficulty with which a particular technology may be moved from one location to another. It is primarily designed for the project manager with direct responsibility for executing the transfer.


Transferring production technologies between sites presents many challenges:

  • Your technology might not be appropriate  for a different country
  • Some of your competitive advantage may come from people who are not being transferred
  • The technology you are transferring may be affected by cultural differences
  • The benefits of transferring may be wiped out by a poorly executed transfer that results in late market entry

A structured presentation of the wide range of variables and issues can help managers to plan better, foresee problems earlier and make quicker and more effective decisions. This workbook provides such an approach with practical tools to assess the fitness for transfer of a manufacturing technology.

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ISBN 1-902546-01-6