Measuring What Matters - Manufacturing Performance Measurement

Professor Andy Neely in this video stresses the importance of measuring the right things.


A major challenge for organisations today is coping with the challenge of too much data, argues Professor Andy Neely. Financial, quality, customer service and many other forms of data are easily available, and this is set to increase as IT systems develop and more products are Internet linked.


Selecting the right measures to use as Key Performance Indicators is vital for three reasons, says Andy. First, it sends the right signal to people inside the organisation on what the priorities are; then it influences desirable behaviour. Finally, the decisions taken allow the chosen strategies to be delivered.


This is an evolving issue as measuring too many things is all too easy to do, yet can lead to a measurement crisis. Andy encourages those wishing to learn more to read about IfM’s research programmes or attend its open programmes on the topic, and they can visit the IfM web site to access material on measurement and what matters.



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