Webinar: Making the right decisions about digital supply chains

Friday 15 June, 12.30 – 13.30 GMT

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Digitalisation is the key to more efficient, responsive and resilient supply chains that deliver better quality products and services to their customers. At the same time, not all digital technologies will be a cost-effective investment for your firm. And for those that are, organisational transformation is needed to maximise the benefits. So how do you make sure that you are focusing on those areas that will deliver most value to your organisation?

This webinar introduces the Centre for International Manufacturing’s (CIM) latest research on the digitalisation of manufacturing supply chains. It will show how this work is already informing supply chain transformation in a number of sectors and how it can help you with strategic decision-making in your own organisation.

Dr Srai will cover:

  • A new way of conceptualising the end-to-end supply chain and how that underpins digital strategy development.
  • A framework for strategic decision-making that has been used with a group of multinationals belonging to the IfM’s Digital Supply Chain Consortium – and how it can inform your supply chain thinking.
  • The digital context: trends in digital adoption across sectors and where different sectors are focusing their attentions and why.
  • How the Centre’s digital design tools are being used in practice.
  • How we use our multi-layered modelling platform to evaluate new technologies and their impact on manufacturing footprint and distribution.
  • Some of the possible social and economic consequences of digitalising supply chains, including its effect on jobs and national economies. 
  • Q&A


Dr Jagjit Singh Srai is Head of the Centre for International Manufacturing at the IfM, leading a team of 20 researchers, lecturers and practitioners in strategic and operations management research, working closely with industrial and institutional partners. Expertise in the analysis, design and operation of manufacturing supply chains is applied across a wide range of sectors, from food and healthcare to automotive and aerospace.


Prior to his academic career, Dr Srai had more than17 years of front-line industrial experience, including supply chain leadership roles at Unilever. He is a member of the World Economic Forum Council on the Future of Production, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development Expert Group on industrial strategy and part of the steering team for the University of Cambridge’s Strategic Research Initiative on Global Food Security. He is also the Research Director of ReMediES (REconfiguring MEDicines End-to-End Supply), a £23 million collaboration between industry, academia and regulators aiming to transform medicines manufacturing in the UK. In 2015 Dr Srai founded the IfM’s Digital Supply Chain Industrial Consortium that brings together a group of manufacturing leaders (ABB, Bayer, Caterpillar, Grundfos, GSK, IKEA, Phillips, Rolls-Royce) to apply the Centre’s research on digital supply chain transformation frameworks.


Who is it for?

  • Manufacturing and supply chain executives who are:
    • Using new technologies to drive strategic change across their supply chains
    • Seeking to inspire thought leadership in supply chain management
    • Leading programmes that use digitalisation to deliver business improvement.
  • Strategic analysts and internal consultants who support major strategic change programmes
  • Policy makers charged with supporting the growth of key sectors

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