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Project management – repeat workshop 

Wednesday 12 December - 14.00-17.00

  • Project scoping
  • Establishing an achievable plan
  • Delivering the project
  • Post project audit and review

This workshop will show how to improve the results of various types of project through effective scoping, planning and management routines.



Management of people 

Wednesday 30 January - 14.00-17.00

  • Management and Leadership - what is the difference?
  • Leading people in the 21st Century - what's changed?
  • What actually happens when you are the leader?
  • Traditional and adaptive thinking - what should be your priorities?



2019 Programme

Value mapping – Thursday 14 March 2019

Creativity and idea generation – Wednesday 3 April 2019

Operations management – Wednesday 8 May 2019


Value mapping – Thursday 14 March

  • Is your business getting the full benefit of the value you create for your customers and other stakeholders?
  • Could your current business model be actively destroying value for others, potentially compromising the firm’s ability to capture value in the long term?
  • Do you understand the tangible and intangible value exchanges that take place with you customers, partners and stakeholders?

Mastering how value is created in a business is essential to the long-term success of any company. Being able to recognise where value is being captured and where it is not, therefore, plays an important part in business model innovation. The Cambridge Value Mapping Tool has been developed and refined over the last five years. In this session, we will explain the model and undertake workshop excise to show how to identify ‘value uncaptured’ in the form of failed value exchanges: value missed, destroyed, surplus, and absence using examples from the audience.



Creativity and idea generation – Wednesday 3 April

  • Understand the basic principles of creativity. 
  • Demonstrate (with hands-on application) how to generate innovative ideas.
  • Address customer needs, whilst aligning with a company’s core capabilities.

Within the context of a commercial business, creativity involves the production of original, novel and useful ideas that can lead to new products or services. Companies often face barriers to coming up with new and innovative ideas because of organisational and cultural issues (e.g. lack of time, fear of failure, lack of incentives or recognition etc.) and employees’ personal thinking profile (e.g. habitual thinking habits, beliefs, assumptions, following status quo rules etc.). These are the mental equivalents of the reflexes that we train our brain to apply unconsciously. Such reflexes are highly efficient tools. But they can be difficult to shake off. Ultimately, within the individual, there are typically three different components in creativity that need to be brought together; the expertise and knowledge of the people involved, the creative thinking skills of individuals and their motivation to find a solution to the problem at hand.



Operations management – Wednesday 8 May

  • Production planning and control systems
  • Quality systems and techniques
  • Reporting and control systems
  • Managing the supply chain

This will look at the underpinning systems and show how these are used to plan and control activities to achieve performance targets.


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Lisa Barnett

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  • SME Members are entitled to free places for up to two employees per workshop on a first come first served basis. Additional places can be booked for a fee of £200 + VAT per person.
  • Non-members can book to attend the above workshops for a fee of £200 + VAT per person, subject to availability.

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