Exploring the Future of Patent Analytics

Project Summary


In a connected world, where successful technological development depends increasingly on collaboration of different partners, effectively utilizing patent data has huge, yet unexploited potential. Given suitable analytics solutions, the data can be used for regular decision making on a strategic level in all kind of organizations, small or large, private or public, young or old. With the digitization of patent data since the BACON project in 1984 and gradual improvements of analytics over the last decades, patent data has become increasingly accessible for a wider audience.


While few providers of patent analytics solutions have started to adapt novel technologies, such as artificial intelligence, the major industry players face inertia due to technological legacy problems being locked-in to data architectures unsuitable to accommodate breakthrough enabling technologies. Helping the industry to explore and understand the potential of novel technologies will trigger further investments and boost the development of new solutions enabling previously untapped use cases, for instance, to connect research partners more effectively. Involving key stakeholders, such as technical experts, lead users of patent analytics solutions, patent specialists and decision makers, the project will conduct a foresight study to develop a technology roadmap for the next 10 years of patent analytics.


Project Aim

  • To identify technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, with the potential to deliver breakthroughs for substantially better analyzing and visualizing patent data to enable previously untapped use cases.
  • To contribute to a connected nation by conducting a foresight exercise employing the roadmapping approach.


Project Objectives

  • Help improve patent analytics for more effective exploitation of the worldwide largest repository of technological information to enable new use cases supporting better strategic decision making and partnerships of R&D pursuing organizations.
  • Develop a public roadmap to facilitate collaboration and coordinated action of actors in the patent analytics community to further develop the capabilities for analyzing patent data.
  • Bring together relevant stakeholders in a research setting to enable new collaborations, thereby enhance patent analytics progress.

Project Deliverables

  • Public foresight report for the patent analytics community, including patent offices as patent raw-data providers informing them on future technological challenges and previously untapped use cases.
  • A workshop bringing together key stakeholders enabling knowledge exchange.


EPSRC Prosperity Outcome and link to delivery plan to be addressed:


  • “Productive Nation”, particularly ambitions P1 (Introduce the next generation of innovative and disruptive technologies) and P4 (Drive business innovation through digital transformation).









The Innovation and Intellectual Property group, within the Centre of Technology Management, at the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM), Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, seeks expressions of interest for attendance at a one-day workshop on “The Future of Patent Analytics: A foresight study of breakthrough enabling technologies”.

Information and registration of interest for the workshop can be found here:

    - http://www.ifm.eng.cam.ac.uk/events/epsrc-big-data-patent-analytics/




    - Dr. Frank Tietze             frank.tietze@eng.cam.ac.uk
    - Leonidas Aristodemou    la324@cam.ac.uk

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