Co-evolution of innovation ecosystems and IP: A network science approach

From an academic perspective, innovation ecosystems have gained the attention of scholars in the recent years. However academic research concerning the dynamics and mechanisms associated with ecosystems is sparse. In order to explore the different dynamics associated with the ecosystems, this study intends to use Cambridge cluster as a case study and dynamically analyse linkages between various actors. When ecosystems are analysed statically, the possibility of linkage decay is ruled out. In the absence of clear rules to establish the decay of linkages, ecosystems need to be examined longitudinally. In particular, this study intends to focus on linkages stemming from intellectual property (IP). It is argued that while there is a risk of misappropriating the role of IP, focusing on IP related linkages can provide new evidence on the co-evolution of innovation ecosystems with IP, and thereby contributing to ecosystems theory as well as forming a basis for an IP management framework at the ecosystem level. Project lead: Berk Dogan
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