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We do not stop at with academic research, rather it is a starting point. We developed impact-driven frameworks and methodologies to communicate our research findings and subsequently influence decision making. We invite public, private and civil society leaders to join the programme and focus on the profound changes now taking place, through four main activities:


1. Policy Simulation Lab: “Music is a simulation of us”

The Policy Simulation Lab is designed to offer ‘lifelike experience’ to leaders from public, private and civil society to learn powerful new strategies for creating high impact policies to address key challenges. The lab uses system dynamic and design thinking methodologies such as Cambridge Value Mapping tools and Institutional Feasibility Study to catalyze engagements between stakeholders, to create solutions that are sustainable, socially relevant, and economically viable. We are currently building national capacities for policy simulation in three countries.




2. Creative Ideas Studio: “Let 1000 flowers bloom”


The Creative Ideas Studio provides a safe environment where individual world leaders can invent the future. It takes the best and most useful elements from board level international executive leadership coaching, psychology and strategy consulting and mixes them with creative thinking theory to support leaders as they tackle the biggest issues facing them. The Creative Ideas Studio delivers an outcome where difficult issues are redefined; where different ideas are discussed and developed and where potential new approaches are identified and tested. Often, what seemed impossible becomes possible because a new approach and context have been created. Our expert facilitators ensure the process remains focused on the individual leader’s desired outcome and there is access to relevant, multi-disciplinary expertise as needed.




3. Leaders Hub: “I have a Dream”

This is an event which leverages multidisciplinary experts and relevant knowledge for one country at a time. It brings cross-sectoral leaders together to tackle multiple challenges so they can interact with top scholars in relevant fields, using innovative methods of inquiry. The challenges can be set at country, industry or sector level. For example What options does country X have in seeking to transition its economy to a low carbon environment? At the event, we address key programme implementation issues, focussed on capacity building for mid level professionals to enhance their skills in, project management, public policy and stakeholder negotiation to deliver short term impact without jeopardizing the future sustainability principles. To date we have delivered five country programmes.




4. Sinews of Sustainable Development Speakers Series: Issue Focus


Underpinning this action programme is a research team who focus on identifying and studying the catalysts of sustainable development. To ensure this thinking is effectively communicated we have created the Sinews of Sustainable Development Speakers Series: this is a public event we’re exploring the questions that shape our world. To do it, Nobel Laureates in Economic Sciences share their insight, research and enquiring minds. These include such areas as private sector development, peace from conflict, gender rights and education. We host one event per term and invite major thought leaders and let the speaker lead the debate.

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