The Innovation System Institutions™ theme is concerned with advancing understanding of how regulation and standardisation may influence emerging technologies and industries; and the dynamic relationship between institutional and technological change.


The ‘rules of the game’ governing interactions between innovation actors (i.e. regulation, standards, norms, laws, etc) can significantly affect the context for emerging technologies and industries. These ‘institutions’ can play an enabling role by promoting certainty and stability in social interactions and economic transactions at critical stages in the emergence of a new technology or industry. They may also be critical in influencing the rate and direction of innovation activities as they may stimulate and/or constrain how innovation stakeholders behave and operate.


This research theme explores effective practices for anticipating institutional needs and developing timely and appropriate regulatory frameworks. Its main focus is on regulation and standards, with special attention being paid to the interplay between regulation and standards and the impact of regulation on public confidence and public acceptance.


Project areas


The institutional dimensions and dynamics of innovation systems

Identifying and characterising the roles of regulations and standards in supporting innovation (including fostering public and market acceptance) at different phases of technological and industrial emergence. Particular attention is paid to the institutional dynamics of emerging technologies.


Institutional actors in innovation process

Exploring the roles and modes of engagement of innovation stakeholders involved in regulation and standards development; and their evolution through different stages of technological and industrial emergence.



Anticipatory regulatory and standardisation practices

Reviewing and analysing international foresight-related practices for anticipating the (co-)evolving standardization and regulatory needs of emerging technologies and industries.


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