This theme explores sources and dynamics of national economic value capture from global industrial-innovation systems. Insights are used to inform the development of practical frameworks and tools to support policy analysis, development and implementation.


This theme aims to advance understanding of key sources of national economic value capture from evolving global industrial-innovation systems. Particular attention is paid to opportunities associated with emerging technologies and high value manufacturing.


Research in this theme will endeavour to account for the system-nature of technological innovation and manufacturing. Efforts will be made to more carefully characterise value chain systems to better reveal the interdependencies between emerging technology-based product development; manufacturing system innovations; and supply chain configurations.  An important aspect of this research will be the exploration of how global manufacturing trends and drivers influence national manufacturing value chains systems and the implications for industrial and innovation policy needs. This research will also explore value capture distribution across selected industry activities and sectors, placing emphasis on the role of production technologies and the structure of the national industrial base.


Project areas


High Value Production in Modern Manufacturing-Innovation Systems

Exploration of sources of high value capture from production, in particular where value is conferred by activities or competencies that are hard for competing manufacturing systems to reproduce, e.g.:  particular skills; specialist production competences; value chain configurations; etc.


Economic Value Chain ‘Spectra’: Beyond the ‘Smiling-Curve’

Comparative analysis of national economic value capture (e.g. jobs, tax revenue) at different value chain stages within key sectors. Particular attention is paid to ‘spikes’ of high economic value; how these high value opportunities rely on other activities and evolve over time


Innovation-Production-Supply Systems: An Integrated Framework

Developing enhanced frameworks for understanding national (or regional) manufacturing system activities and competences. In particular, integrating innovation-, production technology- and supply-perspectives to reveal to important value chain system configurations and dynamics



Cross-theme Integrated Project


Industrial Landscape Analysis: Inside the ‘Black Box’ of Modern Manufacturing Systems

Exploring the trends and drivers influencing manufacturing systems; the challenges to firm competitiveness; the required manufacturing competencies and capabilities; and the implications for research & innovation priorities.

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