Yunbo is a PhD student in the Supply Chain Artificial Intelligence Lab (part of DIAL) under the supervision of Prof. Alexandra Brintrup.His research focuses on decentralized, privacy-preserving graph network representation and data mining. Based on the lab's research on knowledge graph extraction and uncertainty representation, he explores supplier similarity and model interpretability through graph neural networks and federated learning, which contributes to the construction of supply chain risk management and credit systems, and further promotes the application of trusted AI in supply chain graph networks (e.g., anti-fraud, anomaly detection, traceability, etc.).


Prior to pursuing his PhD, Yunbo received a master degree from the engineering department of University of Cambridge and worked on a MPhil research project on personalised federated learning approach for supply chain demand forecasting at the Supply Chain Artificial Intelligence Lab. Previously he received an undergraduate first class honors degree from the University of Birmingham.


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T: +44(0)1223 766141
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