Dr Yujin Jeong

Visiting Research Fellow

Dr Yujin Jeong received her Ph.D. degree in Engineering from Dongguk University, South Korea in August 2018 under supervision of Dr Byungun Yoon with a thesis on development of advanced technology roadmap through patent analysis and deep learning for strategic management. She joined the Centre for Technology Management in September 2018 as a visiting research fellow and will work at an IIPM(Innovation and IP Management) group with Dr Frank Tietze. Her current research focuses on discovering disruptive innovation based on patent analysis with AI, and she also has interests on IP roadmap, technology roadmap, patent analytics, technology forecasting and foresight, technology planning, and deep learning.


You can find her publications on the following web page (




?   Yujin Jeong, Inchae Park, and Byungun Yoon (2018). Identifying emerging Research and Business Development (R&BD) areas based on topic modeling and visualization with intellectual property right data, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, (In press)

?   Yujin Jeong and Byungun Yoon (2018). Application of Taguchi model to valuation of information security technology considering security quality failure, Total Quality Management and Business Excellence, (In press)

?   Yujin Jeong, Inchae Park, and Byungun Yoon (2016). Forecasting Technology Substitution Based on Hazard Function, Technological Forecasting and Social Change (SSCI), 104, 259-272.

?   Yujin Jeong, Keeeun Lee, Byungun Yoon, and Rob Phaal.(2015). Development of a Patent Roadmap through the Generative Topographic Mapping and Bass Diffusion Model, Journal of Engineering and Technology Management (SSCI), 38, 53-70.

?   Byungun Yoon and Yujin Jeong (2015). Development of International Cooperation Maps for R&D Policy: Exploring National Factors in South Korea, Science, Technology & Society, 20(2), 225-251 (SSCI).

?   Yujin Jeong and Byungun Yoon (2015), Development of Patent Roadmap Based on Technology Roadmap by Analyzing Patterns of Patent Development, Technovation, 39-40, 37-52 (SSCI), 2015.5

?   Gyungmi Jin, Yujin Jeong and Byungun Yoon (2015), Technology-Driven Roadmaps for Identifying New Product/Market Opportunities: Use of Text Mining and Quality Function Deployment, Advanced Engineering Informatics, 29(1), 126-138 (SCIE)





?   Byungun Yoon, Yujin Jeong, and Taeyeoun Roh, “METHOD AND DEVICE FOR INTELLIGENT DECISION SUPPORT IN STOCK INVESTMENT”, Patent No. KR10-2017-0163905 (Korean Patent), 2017.

Byungun Yoon, Yujin Jeong, and Inchae Park, “SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DEVELOPING PATENT ROADMAP BASED ON PATENT INFORMATION”, Patent No. KR10-1651422-0000 (Korean Patent), 2016.

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