Xinyi (Joyce) Tu

Visiting Graduate Student

Xinyi (Joyce) Tu is currently a Visiting Researcher under the supervision of Dr Thomas Bohne and Dr Slawomir Tadeja at Cyber-Human Lab of the University's Department of Engineering, Institute for Manufacturing, where she collaborates on the Connected Factories project


In the final stages of her doctoral journey at Aalto University, Finland, Joyce's thesis, "Industrial Metaverse: Revolutionizing Industry 5.0 with Digital Twins and Extended Reality (XR)," is at the forefront of engineering innovation. Her work weaves together the realms of digital twins and XR to prototype cutting-edge industrial applications, foster interoperable workflows, and sketch out a visionary blueprint for the industrial metaverse. Joyce's research has been funded by Business Finland and pivotal in international co-innovation ventures like "Machinaide" project, where she collaborated with 19 academic and industrial partners from 4 countries on innovative concepts for smart industry, and "Necoverse" project, which aims to offer a portable, scalable, interoperable, and compatible industrial metaverse environment. She has been actively publishing peer-reviewed journal and conference papers, and disseminating her research in various academic and industrial seminars and workshops as panellist, keynote speaker, and expert forum member. 


Joyce holds a Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) degree in Mechatronics from Tongji University, China, and a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree in "Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence" from Technical University of Munich, Germany, both accoladed with numerous scholarships and awards. During these studies, she has also completed internships at Siemens PLM in China, and Siemens Digital Factory in Germany. Currently, alongside her doctoral studies, Joyce is also working as a Senior Data Scientist and Operations Consultant at PwC Finland Advisory, steering clients towards robust AI strategy, digital transformation, and competitive manufacturing practices. 


Beyond her professional and academic endeavours, Joyce is deeply committed to fostering innovation and inclusivity within the tech community. Her leadership in organizing Europe-leading hackathons and entrepreneurship events, coupled with her mentorship and advocacy for Women in AI Finland, underscores her dedication to empowering the next generation of tech innovators.


Research Interests: Industry x.0, industrial metaverse, digital twins, extended reality, cyber-manufacturing, Industrial Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence.



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  • Tu, X., Autiosalo, J., Ala-Laurinaho, R., Yang, C., Salminen, P., & Tammi, K. (2023). TwinXR: Method for using digital twin descriptions in industrial eXtended reality applications. Frontiers in Virtual Reality.
  • Tu, X., & De Castro e Silva, B. (2023). Position Paper - Feedback on the EU initiative on virtual worlds: a head start towards the next technological transition. European Commission - Call for evidence.
  • Sehad, N., Tu, X., Rajasekaran, A., Hellaoui, H., Jantti R., & Debbah, M. Towards enabling reliable immersive teleoperation through Digital Twin: A UAV command and control usecase. (2023). In 2023 IEEE global communications conference (globecom).
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