Joseph Tsung-Yu Tsai

Doctoral Student

Joseph Tsung-Yu Tsai is a PhD student and member of the Institute of Manufacturing (IfM) in the Department of Manufacturing. Joseph is interested in strategy development and innovation topics for management research. He is particularly interested in the dynamics of international contract manufacturing businesses.


He is interested in helping firms in latecomer countries catch-up with leading economies, as well as transforming and sustain various competitive advantages throughout the catch-up process. Joseph’s second research interest is in business ecosystems and global value chains. 


Prior to his studies in the University of Cambridge, Joseph had a background in Economics and had several years of experience in Deloitte consulting. He had also conducted four industrial consulting projects as part of the MPhil programme. Joseph has experiences in textile, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, materials, and industrial manufacturing industries.

Contact Details

T: ++44(0)1223 766141
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