Tianyi joined CTM in October 2015 as a research student under supervision of Dr Frank Tietze and Dr Rob Phaal. His current research is combination of patent analytics and roadmapping for forecasting of emerging technologies.


Tianyi obatined a BEng Hons with First Class from the University of Liverpool. After his undergraduate study, he came to the University of Cambridge for the MPhil degree in Nuclear Energy. He has a membership of Churchill College, and is currently fully funded by China Scholarship Council.


Research interests

1. Strategy formulation and strategic alignment

2. Technology management based on technology roadmapping

3. Innovation and intellectual property management

4. Patent informatics and analytics


Research project:  Aligning intellectual property (IP) with strategy to maximise business value


Intangible assets such as IP have now been attributed to somewhere in excess of 75 percent of the blue of publicly traded companies. Therefore, people could expect IP to be a top priority for senior management. However, IP still remains a poorly managed asset in many companies. The dichotomy has been cased by many reasons, and there are two frequently mentioned problems: the lack of IP strategy, and the misalignment between IP and overall business strategy. Therefore, this research aims to i) provide a definition for IP strategy which can be used as a foundation for organisations to formulise their IP strategies (theoretical contribution), and ii) a conceptual framework with a process model based on roadmapping techniques in order to facilitate organisations’ IP management to maximise their business value.



Contact Details

T: +44(0)1223 766141
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