Tadas Kartanas

Doctoral Researcher

Tadas studied Experimental and Theoretical Physics at Cambridge University and graduated with an MSci in June 2014. Throughout the undergraduate degree he has developed a passion for understanding biological systems and has tried to gain experience in research and building lab instrumentation at ETH Zurich and Carl Zeiss Microscopy Plc. Tadas joined the EPSRC CDT in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (NanoDTC) at Cambridge in October 2014. He started a PhD under the supervision of Prof. Tuomas Knowles (Chemistry Dept.), Dr. Ronan Daly (IfM) and Dr. Adrian Stevenson (Chemical Engineering) in October 2015. The PhD project represents a collaboration between the corresponding research groups and brings the expertise of microfluidics, high speed imaging, inkjet printing and acoustic resonators in order to develop an extremely sensitive label-free protein detection method which could be applied in the early diagnosis of protein misfolding and aggregation related diseases such as Alzheimer’s. This research is supported by EPSRC.

Contact Details

T: +44(0)1223 766141
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