Dr Finbarr Livesey

Academic Visitor


My work focuses on the changing economics of technology-based industries and the role that government can and should play in supporting their growth. These issues are critically important for countries such as the UK, as future growth depends on being able to understand how new industrial systems and industries emerge and how the national economy can capture sufficient value as they grow and internationalise. This area has been understudied over the past twenty years as industrial policy and the complementary analysis of the structure of the economy went out of fashion, for mainly political reasons.


I have over ten years experience in carrying out and managing research in industrial economics, policy and management. My work is currently arranged around three themes

  • Public leadership for industrially-based growth
  • The changing economics of technology based industries
  • The development of new frameworks for industrial policy for developed economies

Prior to joining the Institute, I was a Director with GeoPartners, a consultancy based in Boston, Massachusetts, where I developed a public sector consulting practice. Between leaving the Kennedy School at Harvard and joining GeoPartners I assisted in setting up the Open Economies project at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School, acting as the policy director of the project.


Before moving to the United States in 1999, I worked with Cambridge Consultants Ltd., where I was a systems developer and consultant for four years. Other positions held include Consultant to the Department for Economic Development, Commonwealth of Massachusetts , Research Associate, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, and Consultant with Integral Inc., Boston.


As well as carrying out research within CIG, I am an active consultant to companies and government, working with large and small companies and many government bodies, and am a member of the management team of Cambridge Manufacturing Industry Links Ltd.

During my time at the IfM, I have taught on all of the degree courses at the Institute, as well as developing and delivering a new course on technology policy for the MPhil in Technology Policy at Cambridge. I have also taught on the Engineering Leadership Awards programme of the Royal Academy of Engineering since 2003.


My original training is in Physics, which I studied at University College Cork, Ireland (B.Sc. 1994). I also have a Diploma in Computer Science from the Computer Laboratory and Christs College, University of Cambridge (1995) and a Masters in Public Policy from the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University (2001) and a PhD from the University of Cambridge (2011).



Peer reviewed papers

  • Livesey, F. (2012). Review of Lester, R. & Hart, D. (2011) Unlocking Energy Innovation: How America can build a low cost low carbon energy system, Science and Public Policy, forthcoming.
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Commissioned reports

  • Dee, N., Livesey, F., Gill, D., & Minshall, T. (2011). Incubation for Growth: A review of the impact of business incubation on new ventures with high growth potential, National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts, London.
  • Moultrie, J. & Livesey, F. (2011). Design Economics: Design right case studies, Intellectual Property Office, London.
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  • Auerswald, P., Feinson, S., & Livesey, F. (2001). Competitive Imperatives for the Commonwealth: A conceptual framework to guide the design of the state economic strategy, report prepared for the Massachusetts Department of Economic Development, September 2001.

Conference papers

  • Dee, N., Livesey, F., Lubik, S. & Minshall, T. (2011). The Role of Entrepreneurial Finance as a Selection Mechanism in the Evolution of Industries, Academy of Management Conference, San Antonio Texas, 12th – 16th August 2011.
  • Moultrie J., Livesey T. F., Malvido C., Riedel J., Beltagui A., Pawar K., Nixon B., MacBryde J., Martinez V., Demian P., & Evans S. (2008). Developing a national design scoreboard, Design Research Society Conference, Sheffield UK, 16-19 July 2008.
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Newspaper and magazine articles

  • Livesey, F. (2011). The Leaders We Deserve, Huffington Post, 29th July 2011.
  • Livesey, F. (2011). Serve the Servants or Leadership by Degrees, Times Higher Education, 31st March 2011.
  • Livesey, F. (2010). Our industry is making new industries, The Manufacturer, June 2010.
  • Livesey, F. (2006). Viewpoint, Catalyst, Winter 2006.
  • Livesey, F. (2006). Manufacturing Management, IET Manufacturing Engineer, October 2006.
  • Livesey, F. and Shi, Y. (2005). The Challenge for Going Global, The Parliamentary Monitor Blue Skies, June 2005.

Book chapters

  • Minshall, M., Livesey, F., Mortara, L., Napp, J., Shi, Y. & Zhang, Y. (2010). Manufacturing and Open Innovation. In: Ryhanen, T., Uusitalo, M., Ikkala, O. and Karkkainen, A. eds. 2010. Nanotechnologies for Future Mobile Devices. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
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  • Livesey, F. (2001). Technology and Innovation Policy: Past, Present, and Future, in Kennedy School Review, June 2001.

Invited talks and presentations

  • Does the UK need a new industrial policy? Cambridge Public Policy Seminar Series, 21st October 2011
  • Briefing for members of the Advanced Manufacturing team from the Department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) and HM Treasury, Cambridge, 19th October 2011
  • Invited presentation at the Symposium on the Growth of Tomorrow, Centre d'analyse stratégique, Paris, 12th September 2011
  • Chair panel session “Research, Policy and Practice for Innovation in the High-Tech Economy” part of the Governor of Massachusetts’ Innovation Economy Mission to the UK, March 2011
  • Manufacturing matters, doesn’t it? Invited lecture as part of the Myths and Realities series, Academy of Social Sciences, British Library, March 2011
  • Presentation to the Food and Drink Manufacturing All Party Parliamentary Group on the future of the UK food and drink industry, 4th November 2010
  • Invitation to brief the Minister for the Economy, Mexico on new models of industrial policy, October 2010
  • Presentation on new models of industrial policy to visiting delegation from PROMEXICO, July 2010
  • Discussion on attitudes to innovation support, RAND Europe, November 2009
  • Distinguished speaker series, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Singapore, October 2007
  • How can UK manufacturers move into higher value markets, Strathclyde Institute for Operations Management (SIOM) workshop, April 2007
  • Presentation on high value manufacturing to the UK Ministerial Advisory Group (MAG), July 2005

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