Dr Shuibo Zhang

Visiting Scholar

Dr. Zhang is currently a visiting scholar to the Centre for International Manufacturing. He is Professor of engineering management at College of Management and Economics, Tianjin University, PR. China, and also Head of School of International Project Management, Tianjin University.

He holds PhD (HKU 2004) in international project management, MSc (TJU 1997) in management engineering and BA (TJU 1990) in English for Science and Technology. He was a Fulbright Visiting Scholar to UC Berkeley from 2011 to 2012.

In addition to teaching at Tianjin University, Dr. Zhang has also acted as consultants for quite a number of mega engineering projects in China and other countries, including China West-to-East Natural Gas Pipeline Project, Yangjiang Nuclear Power project, Zhengzhou-Xi’An High-speed Railway Project, Trans-Central Asia Long Natural Gas Pipeline Project and Xiaolangdi Hydro Power Project.

Dr. Zhang is also Member of the National Committee of CPPCC.


Research Interests

  • International engineering management
  • governance of Inter-organizational relations
  • supply chain management in PPP projects
  • engineering contract management


Selected Publications in Recent Years

  • Shuibo Zhang, Xinyan Liu, Pei Ma ( 2019), Effect of Level of Owner-Provided Design on Contractor’s Design Quality in DB/EPC Projects, Journal of Construction Management and Engineering, 145 (1): 04018121
  • Leijie Han, Shuibo Zhang, Ying Gao, Ma Pei (2018), Management Control in International Joint Ventures in the Infrastructure Sector, Journal of Management in Engineering, 35(1): 04018051
  • Wenqian Wang, Yongqiang Chen, Shuibo Zhang, Yu Wang(2018),Contractual Complexity in Construction Projects Conceptualization, Operationalization, and Validation, Journal of Project Management, 49(3)
  • Zhuojun Quanji, Shuibo Zhang, and Yixuan Wang (2017), Contractual Governance Effects on Cooperation in Construction Projects: Multifunctional Approach, Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practice, 143(3)
  • Xiaodan Zheng, Xinyi Song, Shuibo Zhang and Ying Gao?2017??Identification of Trust-Repair Strategies and Their Effectiveness in the Chinese Construction Industry?Journal of Management in Engineering?33?6?.
  • Zhuo Feng, Shui-Bo Zhang, Ying Gao b, Shuai-Jun Zhang?2016??Subsidizing and pricing private toll roads with noncontractible service quality: A relational contract approach?Transportation Part B, Volume 91.
  • Shui Bo Zhang; Ya Fan Fu; Ying Gao, Ph.D.; and Xiao Dan Zheng(2016), Influence of Trust and Contract on Dispute Negotiation Behavioral Strategy in Construction Subcontracting, Journal of Management in Engineering, 32(4)
  • Shuibo Zhang; Shuaijun Zhang; Ying Gao; and Xiaoming Ding(2016), Contractual Governance: Effects of Risk Allocation on Contractors’ Cooperative Behavior in Construction Projects, Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 142(6)
  • Shuibo Zhang, Ying Gao, Zhuo Feng, Weizhuo Sun(2015), PPP application in infrastructure development in China: Institutional analysis and implications, International Journal of Project Management 33 (2015) 497–509
  • Zhuo Feng, Shui-Bo Zhang, Ying Gao(2015), Modeling the impact of government guarantees on toll charge,road quality and capacity for Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) road projects, Transportation Part A, Volume 78
  • Yongcheng Fu, Yongqiang Chen; Shuibo Zhang, Wenqian Wang(2015), Promoting cooperation in construction projects: an integrated approach of contractual incentive and trust, Construction Management and Economics,33(8)


Honours and Research Grants

Dr. Zhang has won a number of rewards and research grants, including First Prize of China Ministry of Education Science and Technology Advancement (2013), Second Prize of Tianjin Municipality Science and Technology Advancement (2014), Second Prize of China National Teaching Excellence (2014), and two NSFC grants.




Contact Details

T: +44(0)1223 766141
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