Sullivan Songhe Ye

PhD Student


Research Interests

  • Technology Management
  • Innovation Ecosystems
  • Design Innovation
  • Engineering Education
  • Entrepreneurship




Sullivan Songhe YE is a Doctoral Researcher in the Centre for Technology Management, under the supervision of Prof. Tim Minshall (Institute for Manufacturing) and Prof. Peter Williamson (Cambridge Judge Business School). His research aims to improve the understanding of Emerging Technologies’ Innovation Ecosystems, with research interests focus on Technology Management, Design Innovation, Engineering Education and Technology Entrepreneurship.


Sullivan has an MBA degree from Tsinghua University with MBA exchange study at Graduate School of Business, Stanford University. Prior to coming to Cambridge, he co-founded startups in Digital, Advanced Manufacturing and Bio-medical industries and worked in several countries for 9 years to gain business knowledge and entrepreneurial insights.


During 2015-2016, Sullivan was invited to work at University of California, Berkeley as a visiting researcher. Since 2016, Sullivan is Research Fellow and Assistant Director of Centre for Social Innovation and Risk Management, Tsinghua University.


He is member of British Academy of Management (BAM) in UK and Academy of Management (AOM) in US.




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T: +44(0) 1223 766141
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