Dr Steve Hoath

Senior Research Associate


Stephen (Steve) Hoath is a chartered physicist, engineer and scientist with extensive experience in a range of roles including industrial R&D, international technical product support, customer and sales training, project management and client marketing world-wide, following his early academic teaching, supervision and research activities. His DPhil doctoral work took place at AERE Harwell, Didcot and the University of Oxford, Department of Nuclear Physics, continuing his first degree in physics at Lincoln College, Oxford. His academic career started with RA positions at the Rutherford Laboratory within the High Energy Physics Division and a Lectureship in Physics at the University of Birmingham (held 1979-1986). Steve took a Cambridge PhD (by incorporation) as the Director of Studies for Engineering and Governing Body Fellow at Wolfson College Cambridge since 2011.


Steve joined the Inkjet Research Centre in May 2005 as its first Research Associate, winning the Engineering Department's photography competition in 2006 with his photograph of ink droplets entitled "Tales from the nozzle bank". He was sponsored throughout by two successive 5-year joint EPSRC-Industry research grants, and became a Fellow of the Institute of Physics in June 2013, a Senior Research Associate in January 2014, and a representative of UK Industry in March 2014 via the BSi and IEC standards organisations to work on devising new equipment ink-jetting standards.

In July 2014 he worked on the I4T Innovation in Industrial Ink-jet Technology project and held an EPSRC Impact Acceleration Knowledge Transfer Fellowship with local inkjet company Xaarjet (Cambridge). He is the Editor for the 2016 Wiley-VCH textbook ‘Fundamentals of Inkjet printing: The Science of Inkjet and Droplets’ now adopted for training courses in industry and academia.


Current work


He combines measurement work, physical modelling and computational studies on inkjets, fluids and components, primarily extending an inkjet program funded by a consortium of UK companies.


He supports the Society of Imaging Science & Technology conferences and presents his research annually to Non-Impact Printing Conferences while providing training through other companies.


Steve is the project leader for drafting the IEC TC119 (Printed Electronics) WG3 (Equipment - Inkjet) standard for image-based accurate measurement of inkjet droplet volume (IEC 62899-302-2).


Other interests

Outreach activities at the IfM’s annual Cambridge Science Festival (with inkjet and IfM colleagues). Steve provides consultancy through ‘A DPhil Advisor’ contracts with Cambridge Enterprise, and he and his wife help at St Peter’s Church Papworth Everard and enjoy long walks in the countryside.


Contact Details

T: +44 (0) 1223 764626
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