Peter Templeton

Executive Director, Strategic Development

Since 2003, Peter Templeton has led the Institute for Manufacturing's Education and Consultancy Services which is responsible for transferring the IfM's research and education outputs to industry, governments and academic institutions around the world.


The IfM takes an integrated approach to Research, Education and Practice; enabling academic research and teaching to be applied effectively to live industrial and policy issues. This approach enables the IfM's research and teaching to be informed by the current and emerging needs of industry and governments, and to learn from their application in demanding contexts.


Peter has 25 years experience in manufacturing and manufacturing-related services. Early in his career Peter worked in chemical process design and operations; subsequently he developed a broad range of experience with companies providing IT software and services to the process manufacturing sector, encompassing systems for MRP II / ERP, Manufacturing Execution, Engineering Design and Supply Chain Planning and Execution. He has worked with world-leading companies from the chemicals, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, foods, consumer products, nuclear re-processing and defence industries.

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T: +44 (0) 1223 338174
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