Pengbo Qi

PhD Student

Current Research


Pengbo is currently a PhD Candidate under the supervision of Dr Chander Velu. He has joined the Business Model Innovation Research Group at the IfM since October 2019. His main area of interest is business model innovation. He is currently investigating a relationship between a firm’s performance and automation.




Pengbo graduated with MSc (Master of Science) in Mechanical engineering from the University of Nottingham in 2015. As a project manager and structure engineer, he earned two years of work experience from Hikvision in Hangzhou, China, the world's largest supplier of video surveillance products. Prior joining the PhD program at IfM, Pengbo conducted some research works at the University of Oxford and published a conference paper on World congress of engineering(WCE) entitled ‘The Observation and Interpretation of Crack Closure under Plain Fatigue Conditions’ (ISBN: 978-988-14048-9-3).


Pengbo has won a few Entrepreneur competitions includes '' All-Innovate competition at Oxford University 2018'' and ''Chunhui cup innovation and entrepreneurship competition 2018''. He is also the CEO of Oxtalet., co Ltd, an international education firm based in Oxford.


Research Interests


Business Model Innovation



Artificial intelligent

Robot adoption

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