Nicky Soane

PhD Student

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Research Interests


  • Advanced manufacturing technologies and additive processes in major industrial applications


Academic Background

Nicky received his B.Sc. in Civil Engineering with a minor in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in June of 2013. He began his PhD studies at the University of Cambridge in October of 2013.


Research Project Description

Nicky is working on a cross-disciplinary project that is developing composite coatings using Supersonic Laser Deposition (SLD). Since SLD has already been successful in depositing metal layers, Nicky’s work will expand the scope of this novel technology to produce high performance ceramic-metallic coatings. Such coatings are known to be both wear and corrosion resistant, which serve in reducing operating costs and improving the performance of critical load-bearing components in heavy industries. The project will identify the optimal process conditions for deposition and study the material properties of various composite compositions. The final phase of his research will include the design of custom coatings for specific industrial applications.


Other Activities

Nicky is on the CURPC committee and is active in the Downing College MCR.

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