Milena Motta

Industrial Associate


Milena Motta is Senior Partner at Strategie & Innovazione, a consulting company supporting Italian and international companies in the areas of innovation, strategy, market and competitive intelligence. For over 20 years she has been applying tools and methods for the systematic analysis of the market in order to identify opportunities and threats, as well as providing insights to support competitive positioning and the innovation process.


The collaboration with the Institute for Manufacturing of the University of Cambridge (UK) started in 2009, on topics such as Strategic Roadmapping and Technology Intelligence to align strategy, market and innovation. In 2009 Milena also adapted and translated "Technology Intelligence" manual published by IfM University of Cambridge. 


Milena conveys her knowledge and usage of Innovation and CI tools through managerial training seminars, speeches at national and international conferences. Since 1997, she has been a lecturer in Strategic analysis of the competition, Market & Competitive Intelligence, and Technology Intelligence at leading universities including the SDA Bocconi in Milan, the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa, and the LIUC University in Castellanza. She is also a lecturer for Patent&Technology Intelligence and a member of the Faculty of the ICI-Institute for Competitive Intelligence in Germany.
She presently serves as Independent Director at Intesa Sanpaolo SpA (the leading banking group in Italy) and is the Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors of Trevi Finanziaria Industriale S.p.A. Previously, she has served as Statutory Auditor in companies listed on the Milan Stock Exchange (Brembo S.p.A., Atlantia S.p.A. and Damiani S.p.A.), as well as in innovative companies in the role of Marketing and Strategy Advisor. 


Professional affiliations

  • SCIP (Strategic & Competitive Intelligence Professionals)


Milena founded SCIP Italia in March 1996. In 2009 she received the SCIP Fellows Award and before that the SCIP Catalyst Award in 1998. Milena chaired the 2008 and the 2004 European SCIP Conference and has been involved in several SCIP conference program committees.

  • NED Community (Association of Non-executive and Independent Directors)
  • WCD (Women Corporate Directors)
  • AISM (Italian Marketing Development Association)
  • ADICO (Italian Marketing Directors Association)


Recent presentations


  • Technology Intelligence process in practice: building an extensive empirical study - A. Nasullaev, R. Manzini, V. Lazzarotti, M. Motta, S. Fossati - R&D Management Conference 2018
  • How do Intermediaries facilitate Patent Intellligence in innovative companies? - R. Manzini, A. Nasullaev, M. Motta, S. Fossati - R&D Management Conference 2017
  • How Patent Analysis provides Intelligence for Strategic Decision Making: the Case of a Medium Sized Italian Company - M. Motta, S. Fossati - R&D Management Conference 2016
  • Quick and Dirty Technology Intelligence for SMEs - R. Manzini, V. Lazzarotti, M. Motta, S. Fossati - R&D Management Conference 2016
  • A New Way to Manage R&D Through a PMS (Performance Measurement System): the Pirelli Tyre Approach - M. Spinetto, M. Motta, V. Motta - R&D Management Conference 2016
  • Technology Roadmapping: integrating technology resources into business decision making - G. Amati, R. Tebano, M. Motta, V. Motta, Pirelli case study - R&D Management Conference 2015

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T: +44(0)1223 766141
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