Muhammad Suleman

Visiting Graduate Student

Research Interest :


IT Transformation, Business Transformation Framework, Business Model, IT Operating Model, Business - IT Alignment, Agile Implementation.




Suleman is taking part-time PhD in Business and Technology Management at Tampere University, Finland. His research is focused on IT Organization Transformation for Digital Transformation in Multinational Corporations and he is trying to develop a new IT Operating Model for IT Organization. He is currently visiting Cambridge Service Alliance Group and doing research under the guidance and supervision of Dr Florian. He has been involved in transformation project and for his research, he is taking Microsoft as a case study.




Suleman is holding Master Degree in Informatics (Software Engineering) from University of Bergen, Norway. He wrote his Master Thesis on "e-Readiness for e-business opportunities in Developing countries". He has more than 10 years industrial experience in IT Management  from Oil/Gas (Statoil/Neptune Energy/TOTAL E&P) & Chemical firms which are based in Norway. He is currently working at Microsoft as an IT Manager is Oslo Office.

Contact Details

T: 01223 766141
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