Max Fox-Holmes has joined the Distributed Information and Automation Laboratory as a part-time PhD student under Duncan McFarlane’s supervision, studying the Elimination of post-machining inspection through machine learning predictions.


Internships in mechanical design for the automation of swing bridges with British waterways and FE analysis for the CEA’s (Centre for Atomic Studies) Megajoules Laser construction.


Max started his career performing 3D tolerance analyses for the improvement of aero-structure assemblies while contracting for Airbus, before moving on to aero-structure component manufacturing as a Technology Project Engineer and Manufacturing Engineer for GKN Aerospace. He recently moved to GKN’s new Global Research Centre where he focuses on the industrialisation of new technology on existing production lines and NPIs.


Holds an MSc in Mechanical Engineering and a BSc in Physics and Engineering from the University of Bordeaux; and is a Chartered Engineer member of the Institute for Mechanical Engineers.

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