Minette Bellingan

PhD Student

Minette Bellingan is a part-time doctoral student working on International Manufacturing under the supervision of Dr Mukesh Kumar. Her focus is on improving working conditions in factories, in particular an investigation into effective interventions to supplement routine monitoring and audits. She is particularly interested in the ways labour standards can impact a factory's efficiency, product quality and production yields. Her research interests are action research, industrial sustainability, organisational design, behaviour and change, business-model innovation and decision-making. Professor Steve Evans, with his research experience and understanding of how industry develops solutions that move us towards a sustainable future, is advising Minette.

Minette joined the IfM from the Institute for Sustainability Leadership, where she completed her Master's, graduating with distinction. She is extremely interested in the role that business can play in improving factory labour standards and with her research seeks to identify ways, other than through audits and day-to-day monitoring frameworks, that concerned businesses can work with factories to ensure they are socially responsible, fair, safe and healthy workplaces. She plans to explore a range of 'interventions' aimed at improving factories' social responsibility and labour standards and the overall health and safety of their workers. She will seek to test their effectiveness and impact on manufacturing output and product quality.

Minette works for as Director for Global Sourcing and has more than 15 years' experience in general management, manufacturing and sourcing, with a focus on OEM and ODM sourcing from Asian factories. In her role at she manages factories, product sourcing, operations and quality and compliance for its Private Brands and Direct Imports. As well as a Master's (Distinction) from Cambridge University, she has a BA (Hons) in Fine Art (1st Class Distinction) from Central Saint Martin's, and an MBA from the Open University Business School.



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