Luca Nucara

Visiting PhD student

Luca Nucara received his BS (2009) in Chemistry and his MS (2012) in Organic Chemistry from the University of Pisa. He worked at National Enterprise of nanoScience and nanoTechnology (NEST) on the synthesis and characterization of new fluorophores and photo-active compounds. He worked also on multi-acrylates Bragg’s gratings and plastic photonic memories. After, he joined The BioRobotics Institute at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna as PhD student (2013), under the guide of Dr Virgilio Mattoli. His research interests include materials chemistry, smart materials and self-assembled photonic structures.


As a visiting PhD student at the IfM he is working with Dr Michael De Volder on new smart carbon nanotubes composites for sensing applications.

Contact Details

T: +44(0)1223 766141
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