Lampros Litos

Doctoral Researcher


Having a solid industrial background in the food industry for 6 years as quality assurance manager and 3 year experience in managing complex Eco-Innovation project funded by the EU, Lampros is joining the Institute for Manufacturing and the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Industrial Sustainability in the Performance Variation project for his PhD. His academic background started in Chemical Engineering and continued with Biotechnology and MBA postgraduate diplomas.




• Litos, L., Evans, S., 2015. Maturity grid development for energy and resource efficiency management in factories and early findings from its application. Journal of Industrial and Production Engineering, 1 - 18.



Conference Publications

• Litos L., Yi. Y, Salonitis K., Tsoutsanis P., Patsavelas J. 2017. Improving the curing cycle time through the numerical modeling of air flow in industrial continuous convection ovens. The 50th CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems (CMS), in Taichung, Taiwan 3rd-5th May 2017

Litos, L., Borzillo, F., Patsavellas, J., Cockhead, D., Salonitis, K., 2017. Management Tool Design for Eco-efficiency Improvements in Manufacturing – A Case Study. Procedia CIRP, Complex Systems Engineering and Development Proceedings of the 27th CIRP Design Conference Cranfield University, UK 10th-12th May 2017.

Litos L., Gray D., Johnston B., Morgan D., Evans, S., 2016. A maturity-based improvement method for eco-efficiency in manufacturing systems. 14th Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing, GCSM 2016; Cape Town; South Africa; 3-5 October 2016.

• Litos L., Lunt P., Hope S., Evans S., 2015. Empirical approaches to development and sharing of environmental best-practice within multi-site manufacturing configurations, Global Cleaner Production & Sustainable Consumption Conference, Sitges, Barcelona, Spain, 1 - 4 November 2015.

• Litos L., Morgan D., Johnston B., Romy Miltenburg R., Evans S., 2015. Eco-efficiency maturity assessment and improvement methodology in the apparel industry, Global Cleaner Production & Sustainable Consumption Conference, Sitges, Barcelona, Spain, 1 - 4 November 2015.

• M. Despeisse, A. Davé, L. Litos, S. Roberts, P. Ball, S. Evans, 2015. A Collection of Tools for Factory Eco-Efficiency, 13th Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing Ho Chi Minh City & Binh Duong Vietnam September 17th 2015..

• Litos L., Evans S., 2015. Developing sustainable manufacturing strategies through practice maturity assessment, in: SDM'2015 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Design and Manufacturing, Seville, Spain, 12-14 April 2015.

• Litos L., Evans S., 2014. Tool-kit development to facilitate decision making on eco-efficiency in manufacturing – insights from its application in production, in: Proceedings of the ECEEE 2014 Industrial Summer Study: Retool for a competitive and sustainable industry, Papendal, Arnhem, the Netherlands, 02 – 05 June 2014.

• Litos L., Evans S., 2014. Understanding eco-efficiency through environmental performance benchmarking – a qualitative approach, in: SDM'2014 International Conference on Sustainable Design and Manufacturing, Cardiff, Wales, UK, 28-30 April 2014.

• Bocken, N., Roberts, S., Litos, L., Evans, S. 2013. Understanding environmental performance variation between factories which make the same products under similar circumstances. 7th International Conference on Industrial Ecology (ISIE), Ulsan, 25-28 June, 2013.


Acknowledgements in peer-reviewed publications

• Nancy Bocken, David Morgan, Steve Evans, (2013) "Understanding environmental performance variation in manufacturing companies", International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, Vol. 62 Iss: 8, pp.856 - 870



Patent co-inventor related to the conversion of agro-industrial waste into added value nano-materials (zeolites) for bio-remediation processes: “PROCESS OF PRODUCING ZEOLITES FROM RICE HUSK ASH (RHA)”. Inventors: V. Nikolakis, L. Litos; 2012. - [patent: URL]    

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