Current role

As an Industrial Fellow at IfM ECS, Laure’s current role is to assist both public and private organisations in gaining a clearer understanding of the policy, regulatory and standards landscape for a given technology or industry. She applies the IfM research approach and outputs to help inform business strategy, technology management and policy recommendations by:

  • exploring and analysing regulatory barriers, enablers and future trends, and how they can affect market conditions, technology development and industry
  • designing and developing strategic tools accounting for policy mechanisms, regulatory processes and standardisation activities
  • identifying and mapping institutional players in innovation systems
  • scanning and reporting on effective collaborative practices between regulators and industry to foster the development of regulatory requirements and standards


Laure started her career in politics. She worked for 5 years in Paris, first as a representative for a parliamentary group at the National Assembly then as a ministerial adviser, responsible for legislative activities for the Minister of Health. Prior to joining IfM ECS, Laure was a research associate in IfM for 9 years. Much of her research was concerned with the policy and regulatory dimensions of innovation systems in a number of technological sectors, including among others tissue engineering, smart grid and synthetic biology.


Laure’s background is primarily legal with a degree from a Political Sciences Institute and a postgraduate degree in EU law, both received in France.


Selected publications

  • C. Featherston, J.Y. Ho, L. Brévignon-Dodin and E. O’Sullivan (2016) Mediating and catalysing innovation: A framework for anticipating the standardisation needs of emerging technologies, Technovation, 48-49, p. 25-40
  • L. Brévignon-Dodin and E. O’Sullivan (2013) Standards in support of the Europe 2020 “Smart Growth” objective – Evidence from Germany and the USA. EURAS International Conference on Standards: Boosting European Competitiveness, Brussels, Belgium
  • E. O’Sullivan and L. Brévignon-Dodin (2012) Role of standardisation in support of emerging technologies. IfM report, Cambridge, UK
  • L. Brévignon-Dodin (2010) Regulatory enablers and regulatory challenges for the development of tissue-engineered products in the EU, International Journal of Bio-medical materials and Engineering, 20(3-4), 121-126
  • P. Singh, L. Brévignon-Dodin and S.P. Dash (2010) Exploratory assessment of the current EU regulatory framework for the development of advanced therapies, Journal of Commercial Biotechnology, 16(4), 331-336
  • L. Brévignon-Dodin and P. Singh (2009) ATMP in practice: toward a new industry landscape in tissue engineering, Journal of Commercial Biotechnology, 1(15), 59-65
  • L. Brévignon-Dodin (2009) Regulation as an enabler for emerging industries - A UK-EU perspective. OECD Conference, Paris, France
  • L. Brévignon-Dodin (2009) A regulatory perspective on the emergence of the regenerative medicine industry. World Conference on Regenerative Medicine, Leipzig, Germany
  • L. Brévignon-Dodin and F. Livesey (2006) Regulation of tissue-engineered products in the European Union: where are we heading? Journal of Regenerative Medicine, 1(5), 709-714

Contact Details

T: +44 (0) 1223 766141
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