Kuo-Yi Lin


Research Interests

  • High-tech clusters
  • Performance measures
  • Decision analysis


Kuo-Yi (Kevin) Lin is a Ph. D candidate of National Tsing Hua University department of Industrial Engineering & Engineering Management (IEEM) with Engineering Principal Scholarship, Taiwan. He received B.S. in Statistics from National Cheng Kung University and M.S. in IEEM from National Tsing Hua University with master thesis award from 2009 Chinese Society for Management of Technology, 2009 The Chinese Institute of Industrial Engineers and 2010 Chinese Institute of Decision Sciences.


As one of members in Decision Analysis Lab (Dalab), his research interest is based on the better understanding of high-tech cluster development to support the players' decisions in technology management. From July 2011 to Devember 2011, he joined Cambridge Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) Centre for International Manufacturing (CIM) to study qualitative research methods under the supervision of Dr Yongjiang Shi. Reading topics include Manufacturing, Business Ecosystems, the Cambridge Phenomenon, Technology Roadmapping and Pearl River Delta high-tech manufacturing, etc.



  • Lin, K. (2009), Construction of Semiconductor Overall Fab Performance Index Hierarchy Structure and Index Control, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan. (Thesis)
  • Chien C., Chen, C., Lin, K., (forthcoming), “An Investigation of Planning a Research Park in Hsinchu Science Park Area,” Journal of Management & Systems. (TSSCI)
  • Hsu, C., Chien, C., Lin, K., and Chien, C. (2010), “Data Mining for Yield Enhancement in TFT-LCD Manufacturing and an Empirical Study,” Journal of the Chinese Institute of Industrial Engineers, vol. 27, no. 2, pp.140-156. (TSSCI/EI)


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T: +44 (0) 1223 766967
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