Dr Kwangkyu (Alex) Yoo

Research Associate in Industrial Machine Learning

Kwangkyu (Alex) Yoo is a Research Associate in industrial machine learning at the Distributed Information and Automation Laboratory (DIAL) at the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM), University of Cambridge. Alex mainly works for the Manufacturing Analytics Group in DIAL whilst developing novel stochastic optimisation methods to consider uncertainty in large-scale problems.


Alex completed his PhD in Aeronautics at Imperial College London in 2021. During the PhD, he developed new multi-fidelity probabilistic optimisation methods using machine learning and data fusion so that they consider design uncertainties associated with geometry and material properties for the design of composite structures, hence delivering carbon-neutral service to large-scale composite structures during the entire lifecycle. Before his PhD, he was a research engineer for 6 years at Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME), a global naval architectures and offshore oil & gas plant manufacturing company in South Korea. As a research engineer and project manager, he navigated different offshore projects, including deep-water offshore wind turbine and subsea pipeline design projects.


Currently, Alex is working on a Digitally Optimised Through-life Engineering Services (DOTES) project led by Dr Alexandra Brintrup and Professor Ajith K. Parlikad while collaborating with Rolls-Royce, BAE systems, etc. Notably, he employs machine learning and establishes mathematical programming to optimise the “parts and logistics network” that aims to minimise CO2 emission, transportation costs and service time.


Alex’s research expertise has enabled him to achieve many publications, including high-impact journals (Q1), international conferences, intellectual properties and invited talks. Also, he has been invited as a peer reviewer from the high-impact journals in the area of computation and optimisation, such as Structural and multidisciplinary optimisation, Composite structures and Engineering computation. All of them can be found using the link as follows.



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