Kun Li

Doctoral Student

Kun did his BEng in electronic engineering at University of York. He then joined the IfM's MPhil course ISMM (ACDMM) in 2006. After the summer break he returned to the IfM to begin his PhD in the Centre for Industrial Photonics in October 2007, under the supervision of Dr Bill O'Neill.


Research Interests

  • The nanosecond fibre laser interaction with mono crystalline Si wafers for the generation of microvia holes.
  • Changes of the mass removal mechanism and pulse shape influences with varying laser pulse duration and peak power.
  • Laser induced plasma expansion through high speed imaging and shadowgraphy.
  • Fibre laser performance comparison with UV laser on single pulse ablation of Si
  • Laser marking /colour marking on Stainless Steel.

Current situation

Kun is currently writing up his thesis and looking for work in his area of research.



Click here for a list of Kun's publications.

Contact Details

T: +44 (0) 1223 764622
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