Dr Krista Keränen

Industrial Associate

Krista Keränen


Industrial Associate*


*IfM industrial associates are affiliated independent experts who are highly experienced in delivering projects using a range of IfM tools and approaches.

Krista Keränen is an expert in co-creation, design thinking/ service design, ecosystem thinking, innovation process and gamification with over 30 years of experience in various fields.


In her role as an Industrial Associate, Krista supports clients locally and globally including large corporations, SMEs, and public organisation to ensure effective implementation of the models and practical tools generated by IfM to stimulate innovation and drive growth. She supports her clients in for example developing new services or service models, ecosystems, new strategies, customer-centric operational models and innovation systems using following approaches and activities:

  • Design thinking and service design
  • Ecosystem thinking
  • Co-creation
  • Innovation process development
  • New service development NSD and servicitation
  • Creating new practical solutions, gamified tools, or serious games
  • Workshop design and facilitation

Krista is also very experienced in mentoring and training the topics listed above. Before her career in consultancy and training she has been working as a Director for Entrepreneurship and Innovation activities, Director for Services Business R&D, a Project Manager in several public funded R&D projects, Development Manager for Internal Services and R&D, and Senior Lecturer for Service Business Management.


Krista has led more than 500 training sessions, consulting projects and workshops related to service business, customer experience, gamified tools, ecosystem and innovation development. Moreover, she has been widely involved in publicly funded R&D projects both applying funding and accomplishing projects.

Krista’s strength is inspiring and energising people. Krista holds a PhD in Design Management from the University of Cambridge focusing on co-creation, service design and service innovations in B2B context. She also holds a Master Degree in Service management and Bachelor Degrees in Accounting and Hospitality management and Vocational teacher’s Degree.

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T: +44(0)1223 766141
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