John Saiz

Industrial Associate

Formerly the Chief Technologist at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, John Saiz now collaborates with manufacturing and technology-intensive organisations worldwide to improve their innovative capabilities and transform ideas/concepts and technologies into successful products and services.



John has been working as an IfM Engage Industrial Associate since 2014 and has led collaborations with a number of multinational commercial organisations, industry consortia and academia including AstraZeneca, BioPhorum, FMC Technologies, GE Global Research, GE Oil & Gas, Halliburton, Oxiteno, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, OrthoWorx, Pfizer, Purdue University, Subsea 7, the University of California at Los Angeles, and the University of Maine.


Areas of expertise include:

  • Business strategy (strategic visioning, market segmentation, ecosystem and value mapping, scenario planning, strategic roadmapping).
  • Innovation management (innovation culture, decision support tools & toolkits, open innovation, innovation KPIs, creativity methods, concept mapping/work breakdown structures).
  • Technology management (stage gate project management, project/portfolio selection, make or buy, technology intelligence).
  • Design management (design for assembly, modularisation, product platforming).

While at NASA, John directed a number of technology and flight development projects that included efforts spanning the full spectrum of technology readiness levels, from initial proof-of-concept laboratory demonstration through long-term spaceflight operations on the Space Shuttle, Russian Mir and International Space Station. He managed a portfolio of nearly 200 internal research and technology development activities during his time as CTO at the Johnson Space Center.


Contact Details

T: +1 (832) 908-3530
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