Jacob Mitchell

Digital Solution Engineer for Digital Manufacturing

Current Role:

Currently, Jacob is the Digital Solution Engineer for the Digital Manufacturing on a Shoestring unit within IfM Engage. In this role, he applies his knowledge in Electronics, IoT and Software Engineering to support businesses, especially those with resource limitations, in adopting digital solutions for their manufacturing needs.


Professional Background:

Jacob has gained valuable experience as the Lead Robotics Engineer with a focus on practical and cost-effective solutions. He spent three years at a Biotechnology start-up, where he recognised the significance of open-source technology for rapidly prototyping manufacturing machinery while keeping costs low. During his time there, Jacob contributed to the implementation of robotics and automation to streamline production processes.


Prior to his industry role, Jacob worked as a Research Assistant at Morph Lab (Medical Robotics) at Imperial College London, where he was involved in meaningful research projects at the intersection of robotics and medicine.



Jacob is a graduate of Imperial College London, holding a Master of Engineering (MEng) degree in Design Engineering. Throughout his academic journey, he explored various engineering disciplines, with a particular interest in Robotics, Electronics and Computing. His studies also instilled in him a strong foundation in design thinking.

Contact Details

T: 44+(0)1223 766141
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