Dr Imogen Cleaver

Senior Research Associate

Imogen Cleaver is a Senior Research Associate at the Institute for Manufacturing. She is working with Dr Florian Urmetzer on a Pitch-In project developing an executive education course on Internet of Things adoption strategies and relevant technologies.  Previously Imogen worked on a series of research and industry engagement projects at the University of Bath.


Her MRes and PhD in Management from Cass Business School[i] (2014) were funded by the ESRC. Her research on the professions focused on the identity work of partners in large, multinational firms in the consulting, accounting and legal industries; and the rise of professional managers in law firms.  More recently Imogen has focused on trust, particularly in change programmes and collaborations.  She also has a first in Law from Merton College, Oxford and has worked as a solicitor at Linklaters, in a new media start up and as a business analyst.


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[i] Cass Business School is in the process of changing its name and is temporarily referred to as Business School (formerly Cass), City, University of London



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