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Academic achievements

Dr Li graduated as an electronic engineer with a 1st class honours degree (B Eng.) in 1989, and continued his research in the area of Information Storage and Retrieval Systems leading to a master's degree (M Sc.) at the University of Manchester in UK. He gained his PhD at Cambridge University for work on Collaborative New Product Introduction (NPI) Strategy. He has published in the areas of manufacturing strategy and mid-sized technology based business models.


Industrial Experience

He joined Texas Instruments, an US based Multi-National Corporation (MNC) as an engineer before setting up his own electronic manufacturing business and running it for more than 18 years. The companies employ over a thousand people to develop and manufacture Ventura V-Flex™ electronic components and Digi-Pas™ digital measurement instruments utilised by blue-chip MNCs such as SONY, Panasonic/Matsushita, Hewlett Packard, DELL, Epson, Pioneer, Canon, SHARP, etc. His Singapore based company owns over twenty IPs (i.e. Patents, Registered designs & Trade-marks) and specialises in the area of Flexible Printed Circuit/Flat Cables and Precision Digital Levelling Instruments.

Jim Li holds numerous patents in the areas of advanced technology deployment to electronic products and its related manufacturing processes.

External activities include panel member of the Singapore Government’s Economic Strategic Committee (ESC) and the advisory board member for a provincial Indonesian Chinese Association (non-profit organization).


Research interests

  • Global Manufacturing Strategy and Supply Network
  • Collaborative NPI Process (Rapid Manufacturing Volume Ramp Up)
  • Rapid Technology Acquisition and Deployment
  • Manufacturing Firms Growth and Entrepreneurship (High-Tech Sectors)
  • Technopreneurship – Disruptive Innovation and Technology


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  • Patent Inventor: Li, Hui Hong J.K. (2010), ‘A Rigid-Flex Circuit Board and Manufacturing Method’. Publication No. WO/2012/030299A1. International Application No.: PCT/SG2010/000322. Applicant: JSB TECH PRIVETE LIMITED.
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