Ge Zheng is a Research Associate working for the Manufacturing Analytics Group (MAG) of the Distributed Information and Automation Laboratory (DIAL) at the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM), Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge. She currently works for the project of “Machine Learning on Supply Chains” leaded by Dr Alexandra Brintrup, Associate Professor in Digital Manufacturing. This project aims to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques to help develop predicted systems for supply chain operations. Before moving to Cambridge, Ge did her PhD with Associate Professor Wei Koong Chai and Professor Vasilis Katos in the Department of Computing and Informatics at Bournemouth University. Her PhD project aims to predict traffic states on urban transport networks using deep learning technologies. Her interested areas include predictive systems for supply chain operations, pattern recognition and/or classification, intelligent transportation systems, and healthcare applications.


Previous projects:

  1. “Traffic prediction in urban transport networks using deep learning technologies”. This project aims to predict traffic states in advance on large-scale road networks for improving the performance of Intelligent Transportation Systems and benefiting the reduction of traffic congestion, incidents, and long travel time.
  2. “Human activity recognition based on sensory data collected from wearable devices”. This project aims to recognise human activities such as jumping, walking, sitting, drinking, and eating various food by analysing and distinguishing patterns among those activities.
  3. “Optimising fall detection algorithms using machine learning technologies”. This project aims to detect falls from various daily activities for the elderly to escape from dangerous situations when they fall.   





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