Dr Chandramohan George

Research Associate

Dr Chandramohan George received his PhD in nanotechnology from the University of Genova, Italy, investigating self-assembly and self-organization processes of nanostructures. He then joined the research group of Prof Dr L. Manna as a postdoctoral fellow at IIT Genova, where he developed advanced colloidal routes to produce tailor-made nanocrystals and their surface engineering/functionalization for Li-ion batteries, bi-functional heterogeneous catalysts, and plasmonics.


His research interests include the fabrication of novel nanostructures, hierarchical assemblies and their applications ranging from energy storage, plasmonics to photo-catalysts, as sustainable and cost-effective future technologies.


Key Publications

  • Light-assisted de-lithiation of nano-LiFePO4 towards photo-rechargeable Li-ion batteries; A. Paolella, C.Faure, G.Bertoni, S.Marras , A.Guerfi , A.Darwiche, P.Hovington, B.Commarieu, Z.Feng , M.Prato, M. Colombo, S.Monaco, W.Zhu, Z.Feng, A.Vijh, C.George, G.P. Demopoulos, M. Armand, K.Zaghib; Nature. Communications (2016) in press 
    (Design of sun-light rechargeable Li ion batteries)
  • Hierarchical Assemblies of Carbon Nanotubes for Ultra-flexible Li-Ion Batteries, S Ahmad, D Copic, C George*, M De Volder*, Adv. Mat (2016), 28, 6705-6710
    (Design of ultra-flexible electrodes for flexible Li ion batteries)
    DOI: 10.1002/adma.201600914
  • From Binary Cu2S to Ternary Cu-In-S and Quaternary Cu-In-Zn-S Nanocrystals with Tunable Composition via Partial Cation Exchange: Q.A. Akkerman, A.Genovese, C.George, M.Prato, I.Moreels, A.Casu, S.Marras, A.Curcio, A.Scarpellini, T.Pellegrino, L.Manna, V. Lesnyak; ACS NANO (2015), 9, 521–531
    (Quaternary nanocrystals, electrochemical band gap, luminescence)
    DOI: 10.1021/nn505786d
  • Etched Colloidal LiFePO4 Nanoplatelets towards High-Rate Capable Li-ion Battery Electrodes; A.Paolella, G.Bertoni, S.Marras, E.Dilena, M.Colombo, M.Prato, A.Riedinger, M.Povia, A.Ansaldo, K.Zaghib, L.Manna, and C. George*;
    Nano Letters. (2014) 14, 6828–6835 
    (Development of high power Li ion batteries) 
    DOI: 10.1021/nl504093w
  • Redox Centers Evolution in Phospho-Olivine Type (LiFe0.5Mn0.5PO4) Nanoplatelets with Uniform Cation Distribution; A.Paolella, G.Bertoni, E.Dilena, S.Marras, A.Ansaldo, L.Manna, C.George*; 
    Nano Letters, (2014) 14, 1477-1483
    (Design of high energy density electrode material for Li ion batteries)
    DOI: 10.1021/nl4046697
  • CO Oxidation on Colloidal Au0.80Pd0.20-FexOy Dumbbell Nanocrystals; C.George, A.Genovese, A.Casu, M.Prato, M. Povia, L.Manna, T.Montanari; Nano Letters, (2013) 13, 752-757
    (Development of bi-functional catalyst) 
    DOI: 10.1021/nl304448p
  • A Cast-Mold Approach to Iron Oxide and Pt/Iron Oxide Nanocontainers and Nanoparticles with a Reactive Concave Surface; C.George, D.Dorfs, G.Bertoni, A.Falqui, A.Genovese, T.Pellegrino, A.Roig, A.Quarta, R.Comparelli, M. Lucia Curri, R.Cingolani, L.Manna; 
    J. Am. Chem. Soc (2011) 133, 2205–2217
    (Colloidal synthesis for tailor-made multi-component nanocrystal platform) 
    DOI: 10.1021/ja108781w


  • Electrochemically active carbon nanotube-metal oxide nanostructures for lithium-ion battery electrodes: J De La Verpilliere, A M Boies, M De Volder, C George; UK Patent App. 1618934.2 (2016)
  • Methods for the colloidal synthesis of lithium iron phosphate: A Paolella, C George, M Prato, M Povia, A Genovese, L Manna, R Cingolani: US Patent App. 14/419,941, (2013)
  • Shape control synthesis of Lithium Iron Phosphate platelet nanocrystals via colloidal synthesis: A Paolella, C George, M Povia, M Prato, L Manna, R Cingolani,
    Italian Patent App. TO2012A000709 (2013)
  • Book Title: Physical properties of Nanorods: Series Nanoscience Technology: R Krahne, L Manna, G Morello, A Figuerola, C George, S Deka; Springer publisher: ISBN 978-3-642-36429-7 (2013)

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T: +44(0) 1223 760762
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