Greta Thompson

PhD student

Academic background:

Greta completed an MEng in Materials Science at the University of Oxford, where she spent her research masters investigating the impact of vibration on degradation in Lithium-ion batteries. She also spent a summer researching solid state electrolytes in the Faraday institution SOLBAT group. 


Current research:

Greta is a PhD student under the supervision of Prof Michael De Volder, and is co-supervised by Prof Clare Grey. Greta is investigating the fabrication of structured electrodes for redox flow batteries. These are battery systems that are particularly interesting to store renewable energy sources. She is interested in the relationship between electrolyte flow and electrode structure and using this relationship to manufacture optimised electrodes.


Other interests:

Greta completed an internship at Breathe Battery Technologies, where she focused on commercialisation and market analysis. At Oxford she was involved with the Oxford Foundry (student entrepreneurial hub), the Oxford Climate society and The Oxford Energy society. In her spare time she enjoys playing football and making music.

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