Francisco Gómez Medina

Doctoral Student

Francisco is currently a first year PhD student in CSA investigating how Digital Technologies can be used to help make better decisions at various organizational levels under the supervision of Dr Verónica Martínez.


Francisco considers himself a jack of all trades and ace of one (hopefully his PhD research topic) and has a wide variety of interests, ranging from Engineering and Technology to Music Theory and Psychology. Throughout his undergraduate degree, he was involved in numerous projects at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory, such as the automated deployment and maintenance of wireless sensor networks with UAVs and perching of nanoquadcopters for data harvesting and energy saving. Before starting his Ph.D., he worked for a year as a Consultant for Scribeless, an automated handwriting start-up, where he led a team of 8 to develop the first working iteration of the handwriting robot on a bootstrap budget. These robots generated 5,000 letters which produced revenues upwards of £10,000 over his tenure. He also worked at TWI, an Engineering consultancy in Cambridge, where he explored the frontiers of ultrasonic non-destructive inspection by developing technology to increase the maximum resolution of these methods.


At present, he leads marketing and communications of the Cambridge University Engineers’ Association, where he also plays an advisory role in their new alumni programme strategy. He also rows for the Pembroke College men’s first VIII and is looking for people to join his electronic music group.




Gómez Navarro, F.J., Yebra, L.J., Gómez Medina, F.J., Giménez-Fernandez, A., 2020. DC-DC Linearized Converter Model for Faster Simulation of Lightweight Urban Electric Vehicles. IEEE Access 8, 85380–85394.

Contact Details

T: +44(0)1223 766141
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