Dr Foivos Anastasiadis

Research Associate

Dr Foivos Anastasiadis

Research Associate

International Manufacturing



Foivos is a Research Associate at the Centre for International Manufacturing (CIM), where he focuses on industrial systems and network analysis mainly related to the food sector, with an inter-disciplinary and holistic approach.

His research interests include sustainable food supply chains, marketing and consumer behaviour on food consumption and food security/safety. Before joining IfM, Foivos was member at several consortia securing EU funds for sustainable food research projects (e.g. EU FP7 – REGPOT project GREEN-Agrichains). In addition to his research activities, he has been significantly involved in teaching as an adjunct lecturer at several universities; he mainly taught supply chain management and marketing courses at BSc, MSc and MBA level. He also worked as a consultant in market research and food procurement projects.

He holds BSc in Crop Production, MSc in Organic Agriculture with a specialization in Consumer Behaviour/Marketing from Wageningen University and PhD in Supply Chain Management of Organic Food from Imperial College.    

Academic/Research interests

  • Supply Chain Management of Food Products
  • Sustainable Agrifood Supply Chains
  • Consumer Behaviour and Food Consumption
  • Food Security and Safety
  • Short Supply Chains
  • Marketing of Food Products

Selected Publications

  • Anastasiadis, F., & Poole, N. (2015). Emergent supply chains in the agrifood sector: insights from a whole chain approach. Supply Chain Management: an International Journal, 20(4).
  • Anastasiadis, F., & van Dam, Y. (2014). Consumer Driven Supply Chains: the case of Dutch organic tomato. Agric Eng Int: CIGR Journal, Special issue 2014: Agri-food and biomass supply chains, 11-20.
  • Anastasiadis, F., Archontakis, F., Banias, G., & Achillas, C. (2014). Consumers' perception of Wastewater usage in Agriculture: Evidence from Greece. In C. Zopounidis, N. Kalogeras, K. Mattas, C. Dijk, & G. Baourakis (Eds.), Agricultural Cooperative Management and Policy New Robust, Reliable and Coherent Modelling Tools (pp. 422): Springer.
  • Grougiou, V., Anastasiadis, F., & Giannikis, S. (2014). Valuing Organic Food-Differences Between Virtue and Vice Categories οf Organic Food Products. Paper presented at the 43rd EMAC Conference "Paradigm shifts & Interactions", Valencia, Spain.
  • Anastasiadis, F., Iakovou, E., Vlachos, D., & Tsolakis, N. (2014). Sustainable Agrifood Supply Chain Management: the Case of the Greek Organic Food Sector. Paper presented at the OR56 Annual Conference, University of London, Egham, Surrey.
  • Iakovou, E., Vlachos, D., Achillas, C., & Anastasiadis, F. (2014). Design of sustainable supply chains for the agrifood sector: A holistic research framework. Agric Eng Int: CIGR Journal, Special issue 2014: Agri-food and biomass supply chains, 1-10.


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T: +44(0)1223 764772
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