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Dr. Erika A. Pärn [PhD, BSc (Hons), PgCE, PgCR] is a Research Associate at University of Cambridge supporting the IfM and CDBB. Previously whilst working in industry, she led multiple research project technical deliverables for the EU commission such as the two H2020 initiatives:  GreenInstruct ( and BIMERR ( and a UKRI project SeismPrecast ( Her PhD has evaluated the use of BIM and cloud-based technologies to streamline facilities management into the as-built BIM via three case studies at Birmingham City University. During her time in academia as lecturer at Birmingham City University, she taught undergraduate and postgraduate students of built environment school and accrued research experience. This saw successful winning of a KTP research grant to help automate and digitize manufacturing with BIM. To date, E.A. Pärn has published her research in several peer-reviewed academic journals and has been a keynote speaker at several preeminent industrial and conference events. Erika’s own research interests focus predominantly upon the multi-disciplinary area of ‘digital built environment and smart city developments’ but she remains actively involved in other broader ‘construction and civil engineering management’ topics whilst working with international colleagues. Research investigations have thus far included:  BIM and FM integration; design development automation; clash detection; laser-scanning; engineering design; construction management in developing countries; built environment cyber-security; and networked and sensor-based BIM integration. Prior to her career in academia, she gained professional qualifications and first-hand industrial experience whilst being employed by several architectural practices and working on a range of commercial, residential and logistics projects as an Architectural Technologist. 



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Selected Publications:


  • Pärn, E.A., Edwards, D., Riaz, Z., Mehmood, F. and Lai, J., 2019. Engineering-out hazards: digitising the management working safety in confined spaces. Facilities, 37(3/4), pp.196-215.


  • Pärn, E.A. and Edwards, D., 2019. Cyber threats confronting the digital built environment: Common data environment vulnerabilities and block chain deterrence. Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management, 26(2), pp.245-266.


  • Owusu, E.K., Chan, A.P., Yang, J. and Pärn, E., 2020. Towards corruption-free cities: Measuring the effectiveness of anti-corruption measures in infrastructure project procurement and management in Hong Kong. Cities, 96, p.102435.


  • Pärn, E.A., Edwards, D.J. and Sing, M.C.P., 2017. The building information modelling trajectory in facilities management: A review. Automation in Construction, 75, pp.45-55.


  • Pärn, E.A. and Edwards, D.J., 2017. Conceptualising the FinDD API plug-in: A study of BIM-FM integration. Automation in Construction, 80, pp.11-21.


  • Antwi-Afari, M.F., Li, H., Pärn, E.A. and Edwards, D.J., 2018. Critical success factors for implementing building information modelling (BIM): A longitudinal review. Automation in Construction, 91, pp.100-110.


  • Pärn, E.A., Edwards, D.J. and Sing, M.C., 2018. Origins and probabilities of MEP and structural design clashes within a federated BIM model. Automation in Construction, 85, pp.209-219.


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