Diletta Tosetto

Visiting PhD Student

Diletta Tosetto is a visiting PhD student at the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) and is affiliated with the Decision-Making for Emerging Technologies group within the Centre for Technology Management. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Management Engineering and Real Estate Economics at the University of Padova. Diletta earned her master's degree in Management Engineering from the University of Padova, focusing on the impact of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) on work characteristics and workers' behaviours.


Diletta's primary research interest at the IfM focuses on the interplay between artificial intelligence (AI) and the workforce. Specifically, she investigates how different levels of AI integration impact worker accountability in daily tasks. Additionally, she delves into how the transparency and explainability of these AI systems influence this relationship.

Contact Details

T: +44(0)1223 766141
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