Dr Dushanth Seevaratnam

Research Associate

Dr. Dushanth Seevaratnam is a research associate in the Fluids in Advanced Manufacturing Research Group at the Institute for Manufacturing, exploring the various applications of touchscreen sensing. He has a background in nanotechnology engineering (BASc from the University of Waterloo) and received his PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Cambridge. Dushanth focused his research on the development of low-cost molecular diagnostics for low resource settings through a combination of protein engineering and isothermal nucleic acid amplification techniques during his PhD in the Cambridge Analytical Biotechnology group. In addition, he has also been working with the Centre for Global Equality in the development of a do-it-yourself air filtration system to tackle air population in high density urban homes. 

Contact Details

T: +44(0)1223 766141
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