Clare Lumsden

Chief Finance Officer

Clare Lumsden is the Chief Finance Officer of IfM Engage, with responsibilities centring on financial management of the organisation, corporate governance, risk management and assistance with legal contracts. Clare has been working as part of the IfM Engage team since 2018.


In her role as CFO, Clare’s areas of expertise encompass:

  • Negotiation of client and supplier contracts.
  • Administration and financial management of grant and tender contracts.
  • Provision of business and professional advice.
  • Risk management and effective financial controls.
  • Strategy and planning support.

A Chartered Accountant with an MA in Physics from Oxford University, Clare has over 20 years of financial accounting experience across a variety of different industries in the UK and internationally. Most recently, she was the Deputy Director (and CFO) of the National Trust for the Cayman Islands where her role encompassed financial and operational direction of the charity.

Contact Details

T: +44(0)1223 337087
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